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Title: FL Aviation Professionals Academy Pilot Course
Description: The Florida Aviation Professionals Academy (FAPA) will provide relevant academic and technical knowledge to airport sponsors, FDOT personnel, and other aviation professionals regarding FDOT’s aviation processes, policies, and operations. The project will look at appropriate content delivery methods for the course as well as earning educational credit for attending the course. One of the items that will also be considered for the future is a condensed version of the course that elected officials, MPOs, or other professionals could attend to learn about FDOT Aviation. The Project is scheduled to be completed by June 2017. This project is progressing. The curriculum is under Subject Matter Expert review at the moment with comments due back in early January. Once the final review is complete, FDOT will be ready for the pilot course for which we already solicited volunteers from airports and consultants. The location for the pilot will be in Orlando March 27-28, 2018. For more information, please contact Todd Cox, FDOT’s Aviation Program Development Manager, at (850) 414-4510 or Todd.Cox@dot.state.fl.us.
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Treasure Coast
West Central
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